Water Reclamation Facility

The Wastewater Treatment facility is designed to collect up to 1.6 million gallons per day of raw sewage from the city, both residential and commercial. Our facility then treats the wastewater to meet or exceed the requirements set by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality using biological and ultraviolet methods. After treatment, the clean water is returned to the environment by discharge into Cotton Wood Creek.

The City encourages responsible disposable of all products through the wastewater system and asks for certain products not to be flushed or otherwise disposed of through the city sewer system. Not permitted:  Needles, plastics, petroleum products, grease, solvents & paint.

All staff are certified by ODEQ as Wastewater Operators and Wastewater Lab technicians

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Timothy Ervin Superintendent
Raymond McEntire Operator/Lab Tech
Craig Calkins Operator/Lab Tech