Information Technology

Information systems and infrastructure are utilized in every department within the City of Cushing and therefore the services rendered by the City of Cushing staff to the citizens of Cushing are directly impacted by Information Technology. Our Goal is to provide effective information technology solutions and support in the form of helpdesk operations, application support, network and server support, network security, network infrastructure design/support, and process improvement/development to all departments of the City of Cushing.

  • Ensure security, integrity, and proper utilization of the City of Cushing information and communications systems hardware, software, and data resources.
  • Protect the citizens’, elected officials’ and staff members’ investment in the City of Cushing information and communication systems resources.
  • Ensure that the City’s information and communication systems resources are available to City of Cushing’s staff members and the public.
  • Ensure that the City of Cushing’s employees have completed support and training for any and all IT systems utilized.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Dalton Bird Information Technology Director