Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a powerhouse within a city. We keep the city prepared and aware of potential disasters and other catastrophic events. The role of Emergency Management is to take control of a chaotic situation and restore the city to normal function as smoothly as possible.

Emergency Management coordinates planning with Police, Fire, Environmental Programs, Operations and other city agencies.

Integrates its planning with local businesses, the federal government, state government, the Oklahoma National Guard, the American Red Cross, Payne County Emergency Management, Payne County Sheriff’s Office and Cushing Public Schools.

Functions of Emergency Management:
  • Provides storm watches and assessments as needed
  • Sounds sirens as needed
  • Conducts mock-disaster exercises to test the City's integrated response to an emergency.
  • Works with the city to ensure plans for continuity of government.
  • In nonemergency times, Emergency Management provides manpower to assist the Police and Fire Departments as needed.
  • Designates shelters
  • Contacts any or all agencies needed for assistance

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Bob Noltensmeyer Emergency Management Director