Golf Cart Ordinance

ORDINANCE NO. 04-20-09-04




WHO:                                        Operators with valid automobile drivers license.

WHAT:                                       Golf Carts with liability insurance verification.

                                                  Utility Vehicles with liability insurance verification.

WHAT NOT:                               Minibikes and All-Terrain Vehicles (except in parades)

WHEN:                                       Begin 07-01-09. From 30 minutes after sunrise to 30 minutes

                                                   before sundown.

WHERE NOT:                             LINWOOD (except to cross intersection)

                                                    LITTLE (except to cross intersection)

                                                    HIGHLAND (May between Walnut and North to cross Main)

                                                    KINGS HIGHWAY (except to cross intersection)

                                                    BROADWAY East of LITTLE (except to cross intersection)

                                                    MAIN (except to cross intersection)

EQUIPMENT:                              Daytime Running Lights; Rear Stop Lights; Turn Signals;

                                                    Rearview Mirror; Locking Brake; Seat Belts; Horn; Manufacturer's

                                                    Serial Number Plate

REGISTRATION:                         Must be inspected by Police Department and have Certification

                                                     sticker attached on the drivers side of vehicle.

PENALTY:                                    Violate ordinance = $100 plus court costs.

                                                     Violate Rules of the road = Normal fines.